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Growing EOI’s Compliance Services

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015
EOI is expanding our Compliance Services program under the leadership of Mary Juan.

Mary is a Professional Engineer and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager with more than 17 years of experience in environmental engineering and compliance in industrial and consulting settings.  Her expertise includes NPDES, stormwater, SPCC, and vapor intrusion mitigation. Mary also works with air permitting, emission inventory questionnaires, Tier II reporting, and other environmental compliance, permitting, and reporting services.

EOI has recently been contracted to manage all environmental compliance responsibilities for a St. Louis firm. In this role, EOI will be responsible for compliance with all air, water, solid waste, EPCRA and FIFRA regulations and requirements. Mary will manage this program with support from EOI’s Compliance Services technical staff.

Please contact Mary Juan or Bill Witts at (314) 241-0900 to discuss any of your environmental compliance issues.

Road Trip!!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

EOI spent a lot of time on the road in 2014, traveling to more than 25 states for a variety of environmental consulting and contracting projects. Although the majority of EOI’s work is done in the Midwest, many of EOI’s clients own or lease real estate throughout the United States, keeping EOI’s project managers and travel agents working overtime.

The yellow states on the map below give you an idea of where our work leads us.


EOI Welcomes Two Professionals

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015
Rob Andrews – Field Technician
Rob is an environmental scientist with more than nine years of experience with Phase II investigations, soil and groundwater sampling and classification, and underground tank pulls and closure. He has been a volunteer with the Jefferson County Hazardous Materials Team since 2012.
Robin Rodriguez – Risk Assessor
With a PhD in soil science, Robin has more than 25 years of experience as a working scientist and engineer in the area of contaminated properties. Her primary expertise involves the planning and execution of Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments, which she has conducted in all 10 USEPA Regions and in 21 states

Field Foods Comes to Lafayette Square

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Field Foods Comes to Lafayette Square

Currently under construction, a new local foods store will open in early 2014 next to the Walgreens on Lafayette as part of the redevelopment of the former City Hospital site.
Stocking food from local farmers/producers as well as popular brands, the store will also feature a wine and beer bar and an executive chef.

Chris Goodson, developer, and Stacy Hastie of EOI, investor, are excited about bringing a long-awaited, full-service grocery to the Lafayette Square/Soulard area.

For more information:



Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


Please join EOI in congratulating Jon Truesdale on becoming a Licensed Professional Geologist and Registered Geologist in the States of Illinois and Missouri, respectively.  Requiring at least three years of experience and extensive testing, these registrations allow Mr. Truesdale to engage in the practice of professional geology in each state.

With more than eight years of environmental experience, Mr. Truesdale has been with EOI since 2008 as Project Geologist. He manages field operations of a variety of environmental projects, including soil and groundwater sampling, tank decommissioning, and air vapor and particulate sampling.

Mr. Truesdale resides in Jefferson County, Mo. with his wife and daughter.

Changes Coming to the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standards

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The current Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard was last revised in 2005 and is currently referenced as ASTM E 1527-05.  The current Phase I ESA standard’s 8-year shelf life is coming to an end and ASTM has drafted multiple revisions. Once the revisions have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  to ensure that the ASTM standard still meets the minimum requirements of the EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rule, the new ASTM E 1527-(13) standard will be released; tentatively in the summer/fall of 2013.

Many of the coming changes involve simple clarifications to definitions and addition of new terms to help simplify the overall Phase I process.  Some changes, however, will add new requirements and additional considerations during the Phase I process.  These include the following:

  • Clarification of the definition of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), revisions to the definition of Historical Recognized Environmental Conditions (HRECs), and the addition of a new classification, Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions  (CRECs), to accommodate many states moving to Risk-Based Corrective Action cleanup standards for different future site uses (residential vs. commercial/industrial)
  • If subject properties or any adjoining property are identified in the regulatory records searches then, pertinent regulatory files and/or records associated with the listing should be reviewed.”  A summary of the information obtained from the file review shall be included in the Phase I report.  If in the EP’s opinion a file review is not warranted, the EP must provide justification in the Phase I report.
  • Inclusion of the evaluation of vapor migration into the Phase I ESA standard.  Previous ambiguities relating to Indoor Air Quality and confusing definitions of “migration” and “release” in the standard have been revised to eliminate any doubt that the question of potential for Vapor Encroachment must be considered as part of the Phase I ESA.

ASTM has submitted the revised standard to the EPA for their review.  The EPA will review the revisions to ensure that the standard is still consistent with the AAI Rule.  If the EPA determines that the revisions are acceptable for AAI compliance and approves the revised standard, ASTM will publish the standard.

For additional information on these coming changes and how they will affect the environmental due diligence that EOI conducts for you or your clients, please contact A.J. Adams, Program Manager of Property Assessment Services at 314.241.0900 or for additional information.


EOI presents for RCGA’s Green Business Challenge

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Members of the EOI Green Team, Dee Stenger Allison and Julie Gibbs-Alley, made a presentation at the May Green Business Challenge meeting. Topic: No-Waste Events.

Planned with the help of EOI’s Green Team, EOI’s 2012 Company Picnic at Queeny Park generated no waste–all food scraps, napkins, plates, etc. were composted with the help of Blue Skies Recycling and the remainder (e.g.: cups, water bottles, beverage cans, etc.) was recycled with the help of Waste Management. Eco products, such as compostable plates and flatware were chosen for the event. The caterer, Villa Farotto, and the party attendees worked willingly with the Green team to make sure the recyclables did not end up in the compost containers and vice versa, or anywhere else!

The party was a great success – and so was EOI’s first effort at no-waste events. For more information, follow the link below to the PowerPoint presentation.

Environmental Operations Zero Waste Party May 8

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

June 5, 2012



In 2009, EOI expanded its capabilities significantly with the acquisition of Shively Geotechnical Inc., which included Shively’s offices in Fairview Heights and Peoria, Ill. EOI decided to keep the Shively name for a time, due to their strong brand identity and highly respected presence in the Illinois market.

Shively provided EOI with a wealth of geotechnical engineering, construction observation, and materials testing experience, including work on some very large projects in the region, such as the expansion of the University of Missouri – St. Louis campus and the extension of MetroLink light rail transportation system into St.
Clair County, Illinois.

The combination of Shively and EOI services has gone very smoothly over the past few years. This gives EOI unmatched capabilities for providing environmental and geotechnical solutions, and has been part of the continued growth of our company, even in these difficult economic conditions. Even more important, it gives us the ability to solve our clients’ often complex challenges like never before.

During this time as the two companies have become one, EOI’s success has continued to grow. I’m pleased to announce that we are now taking the next step together as a unified company and retiring the Shively name. From this date, all geotechnical engineering, construction observation, and materials testing services will be fully integrated under the EOI brand.

As EOI continues to evolve and grow, we are becoming a stronger organization in service to our customers. Our ability to incorporate operational, technical, risk management, legal, financial, and real estate specialists and other partners with stateof-the-art project delivery systems allows EOI to offer a level of experience unmatched in this region.


Thursday, March 8th, 2012

February 13, 2012




EOI is pleased to welcome Mary Juan to our professional consulting staff.. A Professional Engineer and a Certified Hazardous Material Manager, Ms. Juan joins EOI’s environmental compliance group as Environmental Engineer.

Possessing solid experience with the Clean Water Act, storm water management, and NPDES permitting, Ms Juan has a strong background in environmental engineering gained through more than 14 years of professional experience in industry, consulting, regulatory, and overseas workplaces.

Environmental Operations, Inc. Named First Place Specialty Contractor

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Environmental Operations, Inc, was named First Place Specialty Contractor in the Environmental Remediation & Demolition discipline at the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of St. Louis 2011 Construction Industry Awards gala. The general contractor members of the AGC chose the Specialty Contractors based on timeliness in regard to completion of project(s), ability to stay within budget, and their overall experience with the specialty contractor.