Risk Management and Liability Transfer

Environmental Operations provides unique solutions to protect owners, developers and other stakeholders from a broad range of environmental liabilities.

By transferring environmental liabilities for a contaminated site to EOI, owners can reduce corporate costs and expedite site restoration. With a risk transfer program from EOI, owners are guaranteed cost certainty, environmental liability relief, and long-term financial assurance.

To facilitate brownfield redevelopment, EOI risk transfer programs provide a tailored solution to expedite real estate redevelopment in conjunction with the cleanup of contaminated sites. These risk transfer programs can eliminate environmental issues that previously had stalled significant real estate developments.

EOI offers a comprehensive suite of services addressing environmental impediments to successful reuse of otherwise stranded assets. These services include assembling necessary team members with high degrees of transactional experience in complex real estate transactions. This results in a final product that provides total liability transfer for a fixed cost, meets the key stakeholder’s scheduling needs, and repositions underutilized assets as productive community assets.