Hazelwood Redevelopment

The site of the 151-acre, proposed Hazelwood Logistics Center is in a prime location near Interstate 70 at Lindbergh Boulevard and Missouri Bottom Road. The site was previously plagued with environmental concerns, chief among them an illegal landfill west of Fee Fee Road. Remediation of this landfill consisted of segregating, processing, and relocating the landfill materials.

Segregated material was recycled, and processed material was mixed with clean soil and used as deep fill at the site. The remaining material was relocated into two engineered cells near the northwestern corner of the property. 

Upon completion of the remediation project, it was determined that methane was being generated from the engineered cells. EOI was tasked with delineating the extent of this methane migration and designing a solution. In addition, EOI needed to repair strained relationships with the regulatory agencies overseeing the project.

EOI entered into a fixed-price contract to deliver a complete remedial solution to the owner, including a guarantee of no additional costs and a complete indemnity to the owner. Once the methane migration was delineated, EOI designed a mitigation system consisting of a trench encircling the engineered cells and capturing the methane through a series of extraction points. The off-gas will be treated through carbon filters and vented. This mitigation system will allow the site to be developed.

More than 1.8 million square feet of warehouse space is already built or planned for construction and nearly 1,000 jobs have been created, with many more planned.