24-Hour Emergency Response Management

24-Hour Emergency Service 1-833-EOI-SPIL(L) / 1-(833) 364-7745)

Environmental Operations, Inc. is a provider of Emergency Response Management services. Our team possesses a wealth of experience in selecting the best approach and/or technique to effectively handle each situation. With our One-Call Incident Management System, we can serve as your representative to eliminate the chaos, reduce cost, and allow you to return to your primary business responsibilities while minimizing your liability exposure. Our philosophy is aggressive, initial remedial response and active response management are key to a successful and effective spill response.  

Chemical spills, fires, transportation accidents and contamination due to natural or man-made disasters. These incidents force changes in schedules and disrupt normal business activities; worse yet, they distract you from focusing on your typical responsibilities. 

Around the clock we provide: 

  • Experienced professionals for consultation 

  • State and Federal notification services 

  • A network of spill response contractors 

  • Rapid mobilization for on-site supervision 

  • A network of subcontractors for drilling, excavation, disposal, material recycling, etc. 

  • Documentation of response activities 

  • Regulatory negotiation 

  • Contractor management and invoice review 

The moments immediately following an emergency are often the most critical. The choices that your team makes can help or hurt enormously. Environmental Operations, Inc. can work with you to create an easy to follow, step-by-step plan for employees during and environmental disaster. Environmental Operations, Inc. offers professional coaching of upper level management and tabletop exercises and discussions to ensure a rapid, responsible reaction to an emergency. 

If you would like to learn more about how Environmental Operations, Inc. can help resolve your Emergency Response Management needs, please contact Bill Frederick (billf [at] environmentalops.com) or Chuck Munroe (chuck [at] environmentalops.com).